Some fabulous food and wine pairings from our members – Paul and Jo Shinerock

Hi Charles

Firstly the very unusual Spanish red wine with lunch today at the Gravetye:-

Secondly the roasted duck recipe today:-

Accompanied by the wine above, new potatoes, carrots, shallots, garlic cloves, roasted in duck fat and juices, with a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper. I hope your mouth is watering.

The menu at Gravetye Manor was a real treat and the wine pairings are below, I think this might make a good post on your blog:-

The wines:-

3 bottles to start:-  Domaine la Bastide, Viognier

To follow:

Morgon “Vielles”

Cote du Roussillon Villages “Les Milleres”

Bodega Moraza

Bodega Maraza with the Cheese course

3 Bottles to finish:- Domaine la Bastide, Viognier

Only 9 bottles in 6 hours, the Shinerocks just cannot compete with the Waud’s for consumption but we keep trying.

When it comes to food & wine, this is hard to beat.

All the best,

Paul and Jo Shinerock

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