The Brunel family have been making wines since the 17th century. Gaston Brunel, a famous merchant, bought Château de la Gardine at Châteauneuf du Pape in 1945. Nowadays, the estate is run by his two sons, Patrick and Maxime, with the help of their wives and their children. The estate covers 52 hectares of vines (48 ha of red and 4 ha of white) and 20 ha of forest grouped around the property.

As you will see from the majority of the bottle shots below, the Gardine bottle, both original and elegant, is the result of a happy accident. When he first began to expand his cellar, Gaston Brunel found an old, mouth-blown glass bottle while digging in the ground. He loved it so much he decided to use a similar shape for all his wine. Initially, he had to go all the way to Italy to find a glass supplier able to copy its quirky shape, but since 1964 all of the Brunel family’s wines have been bottled in the unique La Gardine shaped-bottle.

Superb wines across the board, and ones we are very pleased to be listing.