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Corporate Wine Gifts

We have a thoughtfully curated range of corporate wine gifts to give to your business partners or staff members making it easy to say thank you to clients, customers and staff.

For companies wanting to send out wine gifts throughout the year, we have a special service available where you can send larger quantities to multiple individuals and destinations. Our gift list is suited to both small businesses and large corporates.  If you are thanking members of staff, you may be able to take advantage of the HMRC trivial benefits scheme.

Corporate Gifting

For companies wanting to send multiple gifts, we keep the process as straightforward as possible.

Once you have selected the gifts you want to send;

  • We work with you or a member of your team to finalise the gift list with contact details
  • Enclose a personalised card
  • Hand package and on-time fulfilment sent directly to your client

To discuss your Corporate Gifting options, please contact our dedicated team on 020 3727 0180 or email and we look forward to speaking to you.