Domaine Louis Cheze – Producer spotlight September 2021

Domaine Louis Cheze has been on the Waud Wines list of Old World wines for ten years now. Based in Northern Rhone, France, in the small village of Limony, Domaine Louis Cheze has been growing red wine, white wine and rose wines since the 1970s.

Domaine Louise Cheze

They have plots in the famous appellations of A.O.P. Condrieu, A.O.P. Saint-Joseph, A.O.P Cote Rotie – as well as lower levels including Vins de Seyssuel and Vin de Pays.

The vineyard is run according to the viticulture raisonnée (sustainable winegrowing), where the main concern is the respect of the grapevine. At Domaine Louis Cheze, each vineyard is handled according to the specificities of each parcel. If the slope allows for it, grapevine trellising is used; and if not, grapevine stakes are used on the slopes.

Waud Wines have continually listed the Domaine Louis Cheze red wines from Saint Joseph and Cote Rotie – and highly recommend the Caroline St Joseph and the Saxeolum. The red grape variety used here in both wines is Syrah (or Shiraz), which is typical for red wines made in the Northern Rhone Valley.

On the white wine side of things, then Viognier is the most notable grape here, as well as in Northern Rhone. We quickly sell out of the more expensive Breze Condrieu white wine – that is 100% Viognier with gorgeous tropical notes that white wine lovers will adore. However, one of the best value white wines here is the stock Viognier, which is grown on almost exactly the same terroir as the Condrieu, it just sits on the other side of the wall from the official A.O.P Condrieu appellation. This Louis Cheze Viognier 2018 @ £16.95 per bottle is an absolute steal. It is a beautiful light gold and clear colour, you can enjoy the fabulous aromas of pear and apricot. It is a hugely subtle wine that will pair perfectly with Asian cuisine in particular – or otherwise can be enjoyed by itself.   

At Waud Wines, we cannot recommend the wines from Domaine Louis Cheze enough – so take a look at the full range here…